"There would be a power of fun in skating if you could do it with somebody else's muscles." --Mark Twain

Friday, August 5, 2016

Drone Footy Brah!

Brayden Caleb Ross with the tail action and Darrin Hill rolling by in the background, getting surfy brah!  Drone Footy Brah!!!  2016 Brah!!!  Olympics 2020 Brah!!  Monster Energy Brah!!  Believe dat.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rob Zombie--Skateboarding's #1 Enemy

 Your last name is Zombie.  You pioneered a pseudo-metal horror band (that rips off the Cramps) and write and direct really demented horror flicks.  Oh yeah, and you complain about those damn kids being too loud on their skateboards at the skatepark next to your mansion in Yuppieville.  Really Mr. Zombie?  Would Dr. Satan have complained to the city like a little bitch?  Nope.  He would have just murdered all the kids and strung them and their boards up on the fence.  In any case, Rob, probably those little skate rats could have been potential listeners and viewers of your material, now they'll just laugh when they hear your name, mockingly calling you Grandpa Zombie, or old man Astro Creep.  Story below:



Friday, April 5, 2013


When I watch a video like this, I always seemed to ask myself the very same question...why do people longboard?  I really am not a "hater" in the sense that I look down on longboarders (well maybe a little), I just see videos like this and wonder why you would want a longboard over a skateboard?  As this video proves, you can do all the same things you do on your longboard, on a skateboard.  Plus, you don't look ridiculous carrying a skateboard, unlike your 62" Sector 9.  Skateboards are versatile modes of transportation, and longboards are best used holding up the corner of a room in the Sig Ep house on campus.  In any case, watch this video.  It is awesome.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maybe If This Guy Were Running For President...

I could probably get behind Mr. Jessee if he wanted to run the country.  I mean, damn, just listen to the wisdom this guy spews.  A skate hero of mine since I first saw Streets of Fire, Jason Jessee is fucking awesome and totally represents the individual, free spirit that skateboarding should encompass.  So, Jason Jessee 2012!

Monday, July 16, 2012

For God's Sake Skateboarding

I am going to quickly use this blog as my bully pulpit.  Four years ago I got very frustrated at the skateboard community.  Why?  Well, because skateboarding took up a cause.  Not like a good cause like fighting autism, or anything like that, but the cause of getting behind one of the two major (majorly fucked up that is) political parties.  Everywhere I looked Obama was being pushed by the forward-thinking skate crowd.  Organika even put the motherfucker's face on a skate deck.  Now I know that the skateboard community tends to lean more liberal, especially on social issues, but that is a far cry from actually getting behind one of the parties.  Democraps and Refucklicans, thats what I call them.  They all suck.  None of them have any of our interests in mind.  They are all a bunch of self-serving demi-god types, who think their shit don't stink.  These were the kids who tried to help the teacher keep the class in line when we were kids. So what if Obama is seemingly a little hipper than the next guy?  So he used to smoke marajuana?  Does he still take bong rips?  Then I don't fucking care.  My point here is that skateboarding should never back a political party or candidate.  I mean, did we not all grow up listening to Rage Against the Machine, Propaghandi, Bad Religion, etc??  Then how could you ever trust an establishment politician?  And believe me, if they are a candidate for president, they damn sure have followed the establishment.  So, fuck voting in November, do yourself a favor and just go skate.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I Suck at Having a Skateboard Blog.

While there are many reasons I suck at many things, maintaining a skateboard blog and keeping it even somewhat current is proving to be difficult.  Why?  Well here are just a few of the reasons:

1) If I get to skate more than once I week I'm super stoked.  That's right I said once.  Between a wife, two kids, and a full time job, once a week has been the norm for all too long.  Twice in a week and I start to feel like I don't suck too bad.  But that rarely happens.  Now it's not like I don't at least ride on my skateboard every day, but I'm talking about skating, not pushing across the street to the store and ollieing the curb.

2) I am and will probably always be a bit on the anti-technology side of the spectrum.  This spans across my whole life.  I have never been good about taking pictures on vacation, or taking video.  I always tell myself to remember to capture some moments with these techno gems, but I don't.  I tell myself it's because I'm too wrapped up in actually living life to stop and document it.  That's the kind of things lazy people like me say to justify their behaviors.  Oh, and I spend less than 2 hours a week on the internet.

3) My skateboarding ain't worth documenting. 

So, there it is.  The last one being the biggest problem my "skateboarding" blog has.  But, not to fear, I do have a few new pics of skate adventures. 

Building a mini-ramp in the backyard.  Skeleton is third generation, thanks to Darrin Hill.  It's gonna be tucked back in the sticks for some nice shaded summer skating.on

Went to Vegas recently.  Skated Desert Breeze (Sami Baca's home park).  Rough as shit, props to those who rip it.  See, I only took one shitty pic.  I suck.


And finally, found this spot out near Liberty Lake on Seward Road.  I'm sure plenty of Okie skaters have skated it, but it's new to me, and fun.  I think it has the potential to be a good out-of-town DIY spot.  Just my opinion.

Just needs a parking block and some butter.